The Impact Dynamics 2017 Precision Rifle Invitational Series

 In 2016 we ran the PRI, and a couple of small 1 day events. We laughed, we smiled, it was a fun time for all of us. 2017, we are going to do it again, but this time, keeping score!

With 6 events planned for 2017, we are going to have plenty of chances to shoot stages you know, and ones you have never heard of!

While doing this, we are going to run a series throughout the year. The good news is, you won't have to shoot all 6 events to do well. To qualify for the final shoot, and series long prizes, you need to shoot a minimum of 3 events over the course of the year.

Check out the list below.

  • Scoped Out Summer Steel Slam

    February 26th

    Half day, 6 stage course.

    2017 Precision Rifle Invitational

    April 1st & 2nd

    2 day, the big one! (Invites restricted)


  • Projectile Warehouse PRI Revisited

    June 11th

    Half day, 6 stage course.  A chance to shoot some of the new stages from the 2017 PRI again.

    2017 Precision Rimfire Invitational

    July 2nd

    1 day, 14 stage rimfire shoot at Callington

  • STS Lead Slinger

    September 17th

    Half day, 6 stage course.

    Christmas Target Takedown

    December 10th

    Half day, 6 stage course with a big lunch!

Huge thanks to our amazing Sponsors

  •  What do I bring?

    You'll need a rifle/scope package, 50 rounds of quality ammunition, a bipod, and hearing protection.

    Beyond that, things like range finders, spotting scopes, and shooting mats won't be required for the event.

  • Suggested Skill Level/Requirements?

    This event is designed to challenge you, and help you develop your skills. Some of the stages are really hard, and some are just good fun.

    Of course those who can shoot well, know their gun, and their drop data will perform well, however prizes won't be just awarded for best shooter.

    Those that encourage and help others, promote a positive vibe and add to the learning and growth atmosphere of the event will also be up for prizes.

Coming from Interstate? 

Get in contact with Rusty (0409 305 360). We should be able to hook you up with a ride from the city to the facility and back again, as well as arrange something for you to sleep on. Book in to secure your place, but have a chat to Rusty before booking flights.

You can book in for the 4 half day shoots below. The larger event invites will be handled separately. 

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